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  • Half of a two part Story!

Enter Sequence

Quick Details

  • 42% escape rate
  • Good for beginners
  • 2-8 players
  • Few locks
  • Newest room
2 People
3 People
4 People
5 People
6 People

This is one side of a “double sided room” here at Locked.

Each room has their own unique set of puzzles. You will not be repeating any puzzles or locks you completed for this room that you did/will in “Exit Strategy”. The rooms are not consecutive but do have complimentary stories.

Enter Sequence synopsis:

Government intelligence agencies have been building a case against the powerful and seemingly untouchable arms dealer, Silas Grit, for years. However, they did not anticipate the meteoric rise of his daughter, Isabel Grit, in his criminal empire. With her expertise in biochemical weapons and her reputation for contriving deadly incidents, Isabel has established herself as an equal if not greater threat to national security. A recent CIA operation resulted in Isabel’s arrest, but Silas’s influence and money ensured that the evidence and witnesses required for a conviction did not see the light of day. Isabel is once again at large, and this time there is no room for error.

Your team of agents has been assembled with orders from the top; the traditional bureaucracies can no longer be trusted. Isabel Grit has been known to use her father’s old ammunition storage warehouses to conduct her ad-hoc villainy, and there is recent intelligence linking radiation signatures to one of these locations. This in conjunction with suspicious traffic on the Dark Web has convinced you that it is time to act, before what she is planning is irrevocable. Isabel’s work with radiation and weapons technology leads you to believe that she is arming a warhead to catastrophic specification.

With no time to waste, your team employs the assistance of a hacker asset you know to have once been on Isabel’s payroll. With the help of this shady character, you plan a stealth mission to find out exactly what Isabel is cooking up in her little workshop of horrors.

Get in. Search for clues. Save the day. Can you succeed in averting disaster?