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  • Great for All Ages and Skills!

Pet Project

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Welcome to the mysterious and foreboding world of “Pet Project”

Welcome to the mysterious and foreboding world of “Pet Project”, where you will be transported to a secluded office on campus to fulfill a task for your seemingly normal professor. They are going away to a conference for the week and need help taking care of an office pet. Your group, graduate student in the professors class, have been tasked with the care of the professor’s pet – neither a cat or dog, this otherworldly creature is housed in a wooden box, adorned with heavy chains.

As you set foot in the office, you’ll quickly realize that this will take more effort than simply putting food in a bowl. The office is shrouded in mystery, with every corner harboring secrets and puzzles that must be solved to ensure your survival. As you delve deeper into the professor’s office, you’ll discover what is needed to escape, and every action you take could have dire consequences.

The walls of the office and the prominent wooden box may just contain something more dangerous than you could ever imagine. You’ll need to rely on your wits, mind, and teamwork to uncover the secrets and escape in time. Seconds are of the essence.

The “Pet Project” Escape Room is a journey into the unknown, full of suspense, and enigmas. Puzzles expertly created for this experience and only available at Locked.

Can you solve the puzzles, unearth secrets, and emerge victorious, or will this “pet project” end in failure? Enter if you dare. Your grade and lives depend on it.