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  • Most Difficult

The Dalton Plan

It's an Explosive Good Time...

Quick Details

  • 19% escape rate
  • 4-10 players
4 Players
5 Players
6 Players
7 Players
8 Players
9 Players
10 Players

Manhattan, KS Jail Break Escape Room

Manhattan, KS (1890) — In a series of unfortunate events, you and your group have recently been arrested under the allegations of connection with the Dalton gang. As you sit in your cell, you still are unaware of what charges the sheriff has detained you for. He heckles you that he has evidence against you, but for what you are still unsure. Bored, you take in every detail of your surroundings and realize that the Dalton gang’s leader has left a series of clues around the jailhouse. Was he recently apprehended by this sheriff? Is this what the sheriff is talking about? Is Dalton passively helping you break free?

Fed up with your new living quarters, frustrated by the sheriff’s allegations, and desiring the free world once more you begin to plan your escape….

On one lucky night, the sheriff leaves the station to settle mayhem that has arisen at the local saloon, this is the time you decide to piece together the clues and break out of jail so you can pursue your adventures in the wild, wild West.

NOTE: We do not recommend this escape room for less than four players.

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