Outpost 10

The Secrets You'll Dig Up...

Quick Details

  • You have 1 hour to escape
  • 24% escape rate
  • 4-10 players
Group Pricing
  • 4-10 players – $23 per person
4 Players
5 Players
6 Players
7 Players
8 Players
9 Players
10 Players

Escape the Mysterious Outpost 10

Roughly a decade ago, one of the archeological outpost’s run by the local museum experienced a massive mechanical failure of their security system. Doors locked the scientists in and they were only rescued after being airlifted out of their sleeping quarters. To this day nobody is certain as to what caused the high tech systems to malfunction and the outpost has remained abandoned since. There are rumors regarding a curse surrounding the final antiquity the archeologists unearthed from their dig site near Outpost 10. You see, when they finally unearthed a serpentine jade necklace from a nearby tomb, snakes* slithered down every tree and out of every hole, a great storm rolled in, and a fire began to smoke in the distance… it was later that night that all systems failed.

You and your companions are not fazed by these rumors and, as seasoned robbers, you have decided to explore the remains of Outpost 10 on your own. Perhaps there are treasures archeologists left behind that could be worth thousands, even millions. You spend months planning your trek out to this famed location, you’ve assembled your best team, and you feel prepared for wealth. You enter through a door that once sealed the archeologists in and survey your surroundings. There is a loud CRACK and the door slams shut repeating history. You hear thunder in the distance and smell smoke** in the air and you realize that you are no longer seeking wealth, but rather an escape route to preserve your life.

*There are no snakes or live animals involved in this escape room experience.

**There is no smoke in this room at any time.