Locked Out Mailbox Mysteries

What is Locked Out: Mailbox Mysteries?

  • A three (3) month long subscription. Starting with a collection of mailed packages that tell the story of "Parcel #1", The first iteration of this new service from Locked Manhattan.
  • A box will be mailed to you each month. You recieve items that tell a story. It's your job to dive in and unfold the story for yourself.
  • Puzzles. Connecting the dots. investigating leads and explaoring real world places around Manhattan, Ks.
  • This is a slow paced (your own pace) mystery story that will fully reveal itself over the three months of packages, but its up to you.
  • Do it yourself, or bring in one, two, or all your friends
  • Each box costs $30.00 per box (full 3 month experience costing $90.00)
  • The first story entitled "Parcel #1" will only be available to the first 30 people that sign up. The next signup will be held a month later.
  • Once you sign up:
    1. Wait for the first package to arrive at your house.
    2. Open and investigate.
      • Some clues will need to be researched online or even need to be seen in person in the Manhattan area.
      • Follow the leads that YOU come up with.
      • Put the clues together by solving puzzles, and analyzing what you find. The story is up to you to figure out and solve.
    3. Soon, if you are good enough, the leads you have developed from the first package will run dry. But wait, the next month has a new package for you to dive into. increase your knowledge. validate your past discoveries with new information.
    4. By the end of the three months, you will have all the information you will get to find out and solve the story. Will you leave loose ends untied? Will you discover more than others?
  • If you didnt make the cut for the first round of "Locked Out: Parcel #1", don' fear. The next month will give you another oppurtunity to sign up to start recieving this sercive.